About Me

Helena Meadows MSc, DipHyp

Family Therapist

St Albans, Hertfordshire UK

Member of The National Hypnotherapy Society

I graduated in psychology and in the next two years, went on to specialise in Family, Couple and Social Therapies.

I recognise that each of us is unique and in continuous evolution.  We learn and evolve throughout our lives, shaping and being shaped by the dynamic relationship with the groups in which we become involved – work groups, family groups, social groups, sport, leisure or cultural groups, neighbourhoods and so forth.

I have worked with a broad age range of people, through therapy and research.  An important part of this research was focused on food and eating habits and how these influence our lives.  I have published a book showing that most of our concepts about food are already well establish by the age of 9 and stay deeply implanted in our subconscious throughout our lives.  They can also become the underlying of many disruptive symptoms and, directly or indirectly, the cause for  vast hours of therapy.

I have also worked with drug addicts, ranging from 9 to adult age.  Within this context I have used individual analytical therapy but also family/systemic therapies.

I am a firm believer in the favours of hypnotherapy combined with psychotherapy, to help the clients

  • understand the origin of their beliefs
  • understand how these beliefs can affect their performance, functionality and wellbeing
  • gain control over their habits and happiness and, if necessary, to be able to change for the better, from the inside out.

I work on a friendly and down to earth approach, and always strive to make therapy sessions as enjoyable as they are productive.