Stop Smoking

One session to Stop Smoking

A cigarette is the only consumer product which, when consumed as desired, kills half of its regular customers – World Health Organisation

Although most smokers may have forgotten the original reason why they started smoking, stop smoking will invariably cause some level of distress and disruption. The habit seems sometimes permanent and an almost reflexive action. Stop smoking feels next to impossible.

Smokers tend to say they can’t control smoking, they are dependent on nicotine or just start smoking again as “social smoking” – most of their friends smoke.

Each smoker will see a cigarette in his/her own special way and will extract an individual satisfaction:

  • A quick lift, a slight elevation of mood, a kick with which to start the day, a companion, a friend.
  • To relieve stress, provide a break, let off steam, seek calm, anticipation or association with pleasure.
  • Deal with uncomfortable social situations, a prop for idle hands, an anchor, a bond at parties, an ice breaker to help meet people. To give the image of a more confident person.
  • Control weight, suppress appetite, control another habit.

All these are positive functions; however, this habit ultimately destroys rather than supports. There are around 4000 different chemicals in the ignited smoke of a cigarette, most detrimental to health and including:

  • Nicotine – this is a well-known poison causing nausea, vomiting, pain, confusion, low blood pressure, coma and death. People have died from nicotine poisoning, usually from swallowing pesticides that contain it. It also contributes to heart disease. Regular smokers expose their bodies to this substance for 24 hours a day as it builds up in the body and remains overnight.
  •  Carbon Monoxide – An invisible odourless gas that starves the body of oxygen, leading to cardiovascular disease.
  • Tar – A sticky black residue containing hundreds of chemicals, some of which are classified as hazardous waste.
  • Hydrogen cyanide, ammonia, nitrogen dioxide, acreolin and formaldehyde – all these chemicals paralyse the cilia in the respiratory system making the lungs more sensitive to other carcinogens.
  • Napthylamine and Nitrosamines – These cause lung cancer and are also absorbed into the body, contributing to other cancers.

But health reasons, although genuinely worrying, are of course but one of a package of reasons for wanting to stop smoking. Typically such would also include: :

“It is expensive”

“It makes your eyes less bright and affects your vision”

“It makes breath, clothes, house and car smell”

“It sets a bad example to children”

“It can lower self-confidence by making us feel out of control”

 However because smoking is normally a habit long ingrained into our subconscious, it is necessary to re-programme the subconscious, to get rid of that habit.

This is why hypnotherapy plays the role of protagonist. Hypnotherapy can help you gain power over your habit and provide your subconscious mind with specific, constructive and genuinely desirable alternatives to smoking.

Stop smoking with one 2 hour session and the benefits are wide ranging and visible.

Stop smoking is the decision that could save your life – and improve the life of the ones close to you.