Depression, Anxiety and Stress

Depression and Anxiety are extreme and unhealthy emotional status, normally alternating as the levels of energy oscillate from one extreme to the other.

If these symptoms do not have a justifiable reason or last for prolonged periods of time they can seriously affect the life of the individual and of those around them.

Stress is the physical response to anxiety and can have serious implications on our physical and mental health. The four main causes of death in the western world – heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes – have been linked to stress.

Hypnotherapy can help you at managing stress and also at managing your thoughts when feeling depressed or anxious.

According to recent research, we are in the grip of a ‘desk rage’ epidemic, with nearly half (48%) of us  admitting to regular work meltdowns in the office.

As financial pressures and job security fears mount – many even resort to relieving this pressure by physically throwing work equipment around the office.  Over 26% of people admit to losing it at work and (physically) taking it out on their computers, slamming their telephones, throwing something or banging their fists on their desk.

And it’s not just office equipment that feels the brunt of work-related pressures.  Physical assault between colleagues or being physically aggressive to a workmate also happens in the workplace.

The findings revealed that, when under pressure, workers are more likely to lose it and become irritable or angry (46%).  Nearly half (49%) are not convinced their stress levels will get any better in the future.

Experts from the study believe the reason behind violent ‘desk rage’ episodes is because we are stressed-out and our physical behaviour could signal signs of depression.

Stress, depression or anxiety are so prevalent in the workplace they now account for the most days lost due to work-related ill health.

This does not only compromise individuals’ health and wellbeing.  It is bad for business and a paramount cost in sickness absence, reduced productivity and employee turnover.

Early intervention and putting the right coping mechanisms in place are very important to tackle symptoms in the start, which is why awareness amongst individuals and employers alike is critical.

With hypnotherapy you could learn new mechanisms to cope with emerging symptoms and also relaxation techniques which will enable you to grow in confidence and assertiveness.