Eating and Drinking Alcohol

We put on weight for different reasons. Sometimes we overeat, sometimes we eat the wrong foods, sometimes we eat at the wrong times; other times we eat because we need comfort food, we feel depressed or just eat to release stress.

Sometimes we eat because we are bored. And sometimes we need motivation to exercise and stop us from feeling heavy, bloated.

Other times we put on weight because we drink too much alcohol. When drinking gets out of control, other major issues come attached and the image of fun and active social life drinking with friends acquired a new side: being alone at home, feeling sick after one or two bottles of wine, waking up in the morning wondering when it all starting and how we let alcohol take control.

Whether you want to gain control over alcohol, stop drinking alcohol, lose weight, control your eating, become slim and more energetic or just want to change the way you see and think of food, hypnotherapy can help you making these changes.

Eating is probably the biggest topic in psychology and psychoanalysis.  The suckling reflex is born with us and serves our most primitive instinct of self-preservation. Soon, eating turns into the currency of a very skilled emotional negotiation between us and our mothers and later we get trapped in its emotional value, with more or less serious consequences.

Food and eating are directly or indirectly related to every aspect of our life and personality: our self-esteem, image and confidence; these in turn determine the challenges we take on and what we learn, who we meet and what we do.  Where we live, who we marry and who our friends are.  I could go on.

No wonder so much has been invested, at various levels, on the food and eating markets; and in treating its dysfunctions.

On diets alone, there are nearly as many recipes as failures.  Some worship the protein and some ban the carbohydrates; some ban snacking and some order us to eat every two hours – or demand abstinence for days!

The common factor for the generality of the diets is that they appeal to our conscious control of what we eat, how much and when we eat.  In summary, we think about food and eating all day.

It is clear why diets do not normally work; they last for a period of time and later we go back to our old habits and gain all the weight we may have lost… and more.

Control over our behaviour, whether this is imposed by others or by our own conscious mind, will rarely last for long periods of time.  The sub-conscious always wins over the conscious – because this is where we have stored all the beliefs we have learned since we were born, even if we are not consciously aware of them.  Therefore we always go back to our subconscious beliefs, even if these are less than correct. Unless…

With hypnotherapy, and because communication is established at the subconscious level, we can re-programme our subconscious beliefs in order to establish a new food-nourishment link and break other existing detrimental links, such as food-comfort, food-love, food-power, food-reward and so forth.

The result is a healthier and happier person, confident and proud, who takes control over her life and her habits – for ever.