Loss, Divorce or Separation

Loosing someone we love, going through separation or divorce or even loosing a pet can leave us feeling destroyed, deeply depressed, alone in the world and sometimes, feeling guilty.

It is often more than the loss of a pet, a status, or the loss of a loved one – It is also the loss of a dream and the world as we had imagined it.

Hypnotherapy can help you at speeding up the healing process, at coping better with depression and other detrimental feelings of loss.

Loss, divorce or separation is often a growing process, from which we gain insight and knowledge and generally become stronger human beings.

Sometimes however, we need help to overcome this process.  Symptoms like

  • insomnia,
  • fatigue,
  • altered eating patterns,
  • throat, chest and stomach constriction, and
  • anxiety attacks

can prevail for long periods of time, causing us to become ill and unhappy.

Hypnotherapy can help with overcoming the common five stages of the recovery process:

1.    Coping, when all our energy is directed towards self-preservation by finding ways of coping with the immediate needs that the loss demands;

2.    Realisation; after a certain level of equilibrium is reached, we begin to realise the full impact of loss.  Symptoms like mood swings, anger, depression and fear may arise.

3.    Immobilisation, we may feel “stuck” and find it difficult to move beyond our loss.  We keep playing our loss over and over again in our mind, feel responsible and want to reverse it.

4.    Acceptance; we recognise and acknowledge all of our emotions associated with our loss; we express, talk and share our emotions with others.  The process of healing is starting.

5.    Letting Go; let go of the past, live in the present and make plans for the future.

With our hypnotic induction for Recovering from Loss and Separation, over time you will be able to:

Recognise the full picture of your circumstances and gain access to the full range of your emotions.  All your emotions are important and you will become able to accept them as a natural part of your healing process.

Forgive all the people and things you have blamed for your sadness.

Release the anger, sadness and guilt you may have felt and kept you tied to your loss.

Heal as a natural consequence of the previous actions.