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Helena Meadows - MSc Psychology, DipHyp
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Helping You Feel in Charge

Stress appears to be the common feature in most people who come to my office; whether a cause or consequence, stress can take a significant toll on the body (hindering the immune system and debilitating vital biological systems) as well as the mind – often comes attached to feelings of helplessness and uncontrolled spiralling.

In its natural context, stress is a healthy and effective response. However, when stress becomes unfounded or chronic, it may evolve into, or be sign of more serious conditions such as depression, anxiety, issues with sleep, alcohol, food or relationships.

Stress can ultimately kill.

Seeking professional help can just be the bravest and best way of helping yourself.

With the use of Hypnotherapy (alone or combined with other psychotherapy techniques), I have had the privilege throughout my career of helping people find in themselves the resources they feel they need to better manage the state of mind they desire.

If you would like to talk, do get in touch and book a free of charge initial consultation.

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